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I Choose Love 

Maithri Goonetilleke  


So many roads, so many choices, and it seems like I've chosen them all in this short life.

Sometimes, many times, I've chosen pain - sometimes immediate, sometimes remembered, always real.

I chose to let it sting me like the barbs of a nettle or an old wire fence.

I chose to bleed. I chose to let the CD player of my mind run on one track all day - trying to hurt away the hurt.

Many times I chose fear, chose to shrink away from the world cloaked only in thoughts of disapproval, of not being good enough.

But today, I have no time for pain. I have no time for fear. Don't get me wrong. Its not because there are not things to hurt about or people who will disapprove. But because I know now, that there is ALWAYS another road. A road which I would much rather walk.

So today I choose peace. I choose to not judge the world, the people in it or the things that happen to me as good or bad. But simply to know that on a far deeper level than I can ever be aware - I am safe. I am held. I am worthy.

I choose to honour my body. Not only with good food, mindful eating, and exercise. But also to remember that we are sensual beings. I will comfort my eyes by finding something beautiful in each thing I see. I will caress the world with my hands, make love to it with my words, embrace it with my mind.

And throughout this day, I will continue to make life affirming choices.

I choose to dance, to let joy take me over completely and not worry for one moment about the ones who might see or judge.

I choose to breathe. I choose to breathe life in and to let it breathe me in.

I choose to laugh. Loud and long. At the world but mostly at myself for all the times I've taken life oh so seriously.

And most of all - I choose love. I choose to love myself. I choose to let friend and stranger become my love.

And when I walk into the world and see discord, I will look harder. I will look for beauty. I will look for peace. And I will find it. And when i meet hatred, I will open my heart so wide and let the sea of my love wash over it - till it melts away.

And when I see a man, woman or child in pain (whomever they be) - I will use my life's energy to bring what healing I can. And if I cannot heal their pain, I will kneel down and wash their feet.

Today is a new day.

And I choose Love.


Maithri G. has been a dear friend of ours for many years enchanting us with his poems and inspiring us to remember the hungry, sick and lonely children of the world.

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