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A Family Tradition 

Ron Atchison  


There's a great little book I read a few years back called "Peace Is Every Step" written by Thich Nhat Hahn, a Vietnamese monk well-known for his smile and his beautiful ideas.

One of these has to do with how he prays.

Mr. Hahn has made it a tradition in his family to have thirty seconds of 'quiet time' before the evening meal. During this silence he and his family make it a point to smile and simply look into each others' eyes.

That's it!

According to Mr. Hahn, this has become one of his family's favorite customs, greatly increasing the awareness and respect they have for each other. And somehow, he says, it even makes the food taste better!

It makes perfect sense, I think, to pray with our eyes wide open. I mean, what's the point in 'nodding our heads,' and 'closing our eyes' when what we really need is to become more aware of the miracles that are so often right across the table from us.

In this spirit then... I offer you my smile and my peace -- and I wish you a most beautiful day, wherever you may be!



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