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To The Students Of Shoshone-Bannock High - by Ron Atchison (Article)
A personal letter from the Mayor of Inspiration Peak dedicated to the students of Shoshone-Bannock High School in Pocatello, Idaho.
When Doubt Enters - Look4Hope (Article)
When you feel like you might be too old, or too tired, or too overwhelmed, read this very inspirational essay.
What Will Matter - Michael Josephson (Essay)
Ready or not, some day it will all come to an end...
The Five-Minute Cure For Monkey-Mind - Ron Atchison (Article)
What if I told you the best way to find what you're looking for is to stop looking? Seriously...
Finding Your 'Ness' - Eileen Bennett (Article)
How do you rediscover the essence of who you are? How do you reconnect with your 'ness' so that you can follow your true path...
Dream Big Dreams! - William Curtis (Article)
Guest author William Curtis discusses the importance of believing in and sharing your dreams with others.
Cartoon Of The Week - Richard Leahy September 9, 2007
This week's cartoon is based on a quote by Rabbi Harold Kushner.
You Should Write A Book! - Heino Molls
Especially for baby-boomers - at least ten good reasons why you should consider writing a book about your life and times...
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We All Have It - (Video)
A three-minute inspirational video from our friends at 'Lead Out Loud'. It will inspire you even if you don't think you need inspiring!

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